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Spectrum Mobile Services

We don’t just sign you up and turn you over to a carrier. Spectrum Mobile has the expertise and experience to be your valued partner for the long haul. We’re invested in your long-term success and we share your goals of creating work process efficiencies and delivering savings and service month after month, year after year.

Partner With

Don’t overpay for wireless devices and contracts. Save money from the start thanks to our acquisition and billing strategies. Then enjoy the ongoing savings generated by our value-added services related to bill reviews and discrepancy/error prevention or resolution.

Create Value

Your Devices

When it makes sense for you to upgrade to new devices, Spectrum Mobile will coordinate all of the details: from researching costs, to capturing credits and cash value for the old devices, to safe and secure disposal, to seamless integration of the new technology into your workplace.

Your Team

We partner with you and your team. We’ll quickly resolve your carrier disputes and questions – often with a single call. From device training to trouble-shooting, we’ll help your employees enjoy uninterrupted wireless productivity. You will work with the same person at Spectrum each time you need us, someone who knows your wireless device strategy and shares responsibility for your success.